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Grumman F-14A Tomcat

NL-200 “Miss Molly”, VF-111 “Sundowners”, USS Carl Vinson, 1989

For my next project, I chose one of my all-time favorite planes. Before deciding on the exact kit, I searched for a nice set of decals. I chose a set of HADModels for a F-14A “Miss Molly” of VF-111:

After that, I chose the Tamiya F-14A Tomcat kit. It was my first Tamiya and I am very satisfied by the fit and finish of it.

Although the cockpit detail is good enough, I chose a couple aftermarket kits to improve it. I got a couple Martin-Baker GRU7A seats by Aires and a set of amazing 3D printed decals from Quinta Studio (scroll to the end of the article for photos).

After that, I added a chin pod by Quickboost, to match the one of the specific plane, a set of boarding steps, also by Quickboost, and a metal alpha probe for the nose tip, by Master Model.

The construction went fine, mostly following the instructions.

Next, it was time for the painting. I begun with a coat of grey primer and then some pre-shading with black. Then it was time for the main color, Light Gull Grey FS-16640 (Mission Models MMP-069). Then, I painted the wingtips with Aluminum (Mission Models MMM-003) and the stabilizers with Red (Mission Models MMP-003).

At the end, I only applied little weathering, mostly highlighting some panel lines, as this specific aircraft always appeared clean in photos.

All in all, I enjoyed this kit a lot!

Below, some photos from the construction phase:

Products Used

Tamiya Grumman F-14A Tomcat1/4861114
HADModels F-14A VF111 “Sundowners” Miss Molly1/4848194/2019
Quinta Studio F-14A Interior 3D* Decal for Tamiya1/48QD-48048
Aires M.B. GRU 7A ejection seats (F-14A/B)1/48AIR4143
Quickboost F-14A/B Tomcat chin pod with ECM/TCS equip. for Tamiya1/48QB48797
Quickboost F-14A/B Tomcat boarding steps for Tamiya1/48QB48908
Master Model F-14 Alfa Probe & Angle Of Attack probe1/48AM-48-007

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